The Ultimate Green Machine, The Vegfalia is For Sale!

16 07 2012

Here’s the ad:

Get more smiles and thumbs-ups than you ever did before!

The Vegfalia is a 1987 Vanagon GL Syncro with a newly rebuilt (1000 miles) 1.9L VW Turbo Diesel engine and a Greasecar two-tank vegetable oil kit installed.  It is officially registered as diesel by the CA DMV, with no smog requirement.  The vehicle starts and stops on diesel, biodiesel, or blend fuels, with a 15 gallon VO tank that can be filled with anything from filtered vegetable oil, to used motor oil, to regular diesel.  With the included filtration system and solar panel, this is the ultimate green “Mad Max” machine.  Asking $30,000, leave a comment if you’re interested!



Newly rebuilt 1.9L Turbo Diesel engine (1000 miles)

Greasecar SVO kit with 15 gallon tank and computer controller

GoWesty 16” alloy rims

South African Big Brake Kit

4WD Decoupler with rear differential lock

Van-Café Big Bumpers

Rear rack from Gary Lee with ladder and fold-down shelf for bike carriers

Old Man Emu Shocks

GoWesty steel coolant lines


60 Watt Solar Panel over Luggage Rack

SunForce Charge Controller with dual Optima 50 Amp-Hour deep cycle batteries

1500 watt 110V inverter

GoWesty Auxiliary Battery relay

High-Intensity Headlight Upgrade from GoWesty

LED bulbs in stock interior lights

Audi dome light with LED bulb

Sony xPlod Bluetooth enabled stereo/speakerphone

Ram-Mount Universal PDA mount with Griffin iPhone speakerphone cable/charger

Pioneer speaker system

Auxiliary 12V jack

110V trickle-charger – charges aux batteries when van is plugged in.


California Oak hardwood floors

Yakima roof rack

Thule rooftop box

3-way fridge fully functional, added GoWesty priming pump upgrade

Shady Boy Awning

Rear shower (had to remove Helton Heat Exchanger due to coolant system problems)

First Alert CO2/fire alarm

3 point rear seat belts

Jump Seat with 3 point seat belt

Front window and skylight curtains

Original front and rear tables

Front floor mat

Rubber rear floor mat

Tool box with metric wrenches and spare hoses/lights/fuses

Original jack and tire iron

Anti-Road Rage Dashboard Buddha

Vegetable oil filtration rig:

Redline 110v VO industrial-grade pump (filters waste VO fast!)

Aluminum bag-filter housing with 0.5 micron filter bags

Intake and output hoses and nozzle

All in custom box that sits on hitch-mounted platform with 3-4 x 5 gallon carboys.

I will go through all systems and procedures with buyer, I have spent many hours making this as simple and streamlined as possible.  I will also include Vegfalia graphics files and the website if desired.

With the proper licensing, a Square card reader, a small trailer, and a 300 gallon fuel tote, this setup can be an instant alternative fuel business, complete with office and fuel pickup, processing, and sales system.

The bad:  The original owner sideswiped the vehicle, with a minimal amount of front end damage that is only noticeable if you take off the front grill.  The sliding door and rear quarter panel have been repaired and paint-matched with a small amount of bubbling at the rear passenger seam and some of the repair work on the door.  Despite this, the body is overall in good to very good condition.




13 responses

6 05 2013

I want to buy this thing!! Saw it on samba. Almost have my wife convinced of a vanagon for baby 2.

7 05 2013

It is quite an amazing beast, thanks! We’ve dropped the price quite a bit to $30,000 and it has a freshly rebuilt engine, hopefully that’s in your price range!

11 07 2013
Julia Kernitz

Is the Vegfalia still for sale? Very interested! Do you have more interior pictures and how can I get in touch with you for more info?

11 07 2013

Sorry, she has just been sold!

9 02 2014
Martin Gauthier

I about the buy the Vegfalia, now Hank the Tank…
Chris (the new owner) sent me to your blog for more info, but I still have questions.
If you have some time, I’ll be very glad to hear what you have to say about the van. Since Chris has owned it for a very short period I think that your insight will be very interesting for me. Especially regarding the grease aspect

10 02 2014

Hey Martin, thanks for the post. I hope Hank the Tank is doing well, we had a lot of fun with him! The system is a Greasecar installation from and has worked very well. The engine is an AAZ 1.9 TD VW engine that was recently rebuilt. The main tank can take regular diesel, 100% biodiesel, and anything in between, but put at least 50% regular diesel if not more if you’re heading to cold weather to prevent gelling. The heated VO filter in the engine compartment needs to be changed every few thousand miles, depending on how clean the oil is – we went a hundred miles on a filter once, but 2000 on another. We always carried spares, a filter wrench, some leather gloves (it gets hot!), a bowl to catch spills, and a nalgene bottle with filtered VO to prime it for quick changes on the side of the road. You can feel the engine pulling a bit and lose power when it’s time to change the filter, a sign switch back to diesel/biodiesel or you can stall out and it take a bit of cranking to flush the lines back. As far as the filtration system, I finally got it dialed in nicely with the Redline pump – it will filter most anything but you still might only get 10 gallons of dirty oil before you need to change bags, or 100+ gallons with pretty clean oil. I hope that helps, good luck!

10 02 2014
Martin Gauthier

Thanks for the info.
If possible I’d like to clarify the timeline of the motor.

I read on your blog it was initially installed in august 2007. Was it rebuilt later on or just used a very limited number of time to account for the low mileage on the ad you posted for selling the van?

Chris advertised the van with a rebuilt on January 2013 with 4000 miles (present time) which is a bit inconsistent with your blog entry 16/07/12

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be the pain in the ass pointing out details, I’m trying to get accurate info about my future van…

I’ll be touring California for 5 weeks (going up and down the coast) so if you feel like it, I like to share a beer with you and talk about the greasekit you installed.

If you prefer a private discussion is here my personnal e-mail:

Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks for your time.

10 02 2014

The engine that was originally installed was from a European Vanagon and was used with an estimated 60k miles or so on it. It threw a rod and we got a new engine put in over the summer of 2013. There was a problem with the installed thermostat – a mismatch between the gasoline electronics and the diesel engine, which caused it to start overheating and I managed to crack the block in the fall. We had it then rebuilt with a new block on the new engine and sold it shortly thereafter. Interestingly, the thermostat issue was still there (which Chris discovered driving it home) and we found an amazing VW mechanic in Santa Barbara that figured it out and got it straight. So yes, new engine (after some hiccups) a few months back. Depending on when you come through I’d love to have a beer and see the Vegfalia!

11 02 2014
Martin Gauthier

Wow, three motors in the span of a year… I hope I will be luckier!
We will be in Los Angeles starting February 16th and up until mid march. I’ll post it here when we’ll pass around San Luis but I expect it to be around the end of next week (21-22-23).
Thanks for all the quick answers. Very enlightning.

15 02 2014
Martin Gauthier

Me again!!!

Is the 2007 full transmission rebuilt is the lat “love” the tranny had?

15 02 2014

That’s the last big overhaul, they changed the fluid with the engine rebuild, we replaced the clutch pedal assembly about 3 years ago, and I think Chris had an issue with the clutch itself recently, right? Broad Street Auto in San Luis Obispo did all of our work. Thanks!

19 02 2014
Martin Gauthier

I finally bought the Vegfalia from Chris and should pass by a first time at San Luis this Friday end of the day or Saturday morning.
I will pass by again next while going south to LA.

Would you be free?
Here is my US cell number: 619-451-2651

21 02 2014

I may be around on Friday late afternoon, I’m on Daddy duty with our boys. I’ll send you a text and you can let me know when you’re coming through!

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