Greasecar Kit Installed, the Vegfalia is Alive!

30 08 2007

8-20-07:  Maybe I jumped the gun a little when I ordered my Greasecar kit back in January without actually having the diesel engine installed in the van yet.  I get excited about these things.  Now that we have it back, it took me about 5 hours to get the kit installed. 

Overall, the process was fairly painless – the Greasecar instructions were generic and with only a few diagrams, but it was well-written and complete enough for a DIY install.  The kit cost around $1200 which included the new computerized controller, custom 15 gallon heated tank for under the rear seat, 2 3-way fuel solenoid switches, plenty of coolant and fuel hose, clamps, temp sensors for both coolant temp and fuel temp.

I’ll post more on the installation soon with photos




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1 02 2008

Just read that you install the greasecar kit on your vanagon. Well, it looks like a pretty good choice and the price is not bad. Did you make your own filtration system that you take on the road or did you purchase something?

I will be taking a trip to south america and I’m thinking of installing the greasecar kit but the filtration system they sell will take up too much space that I don’t have.



8 02 2010
Brian Duda

Is it one of the old grease car kits which heats the entire tank using a copper coil? They realized a few years back that that was a big no-no because of polymerization. Heat + Oil + Metal (especially copper) = black goo in the tank and if not properly filtered, your engine. It’s highly recommended instead (and is what greasecar NOW does) to only heat the tank in cold months, using a thermostat and solenoid valves to redirect coolant flow away from the tank when it hits 70-80 degrees, and use a plate heat exchanger to heat on demand as the fuel is used. This eliminates most polymerization and saves a lot of cleaning hassle. We have the necessary units in our store if you wish to follow up on the information. Thanks for the great stories and pics! It was a pleasure.

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