Fossil Fuel Free Roadtrip #1: San Luis Obispo, CA to Hood River, OR

30 08 2007

Our maiden voyage of the Vegfalia was a success! We travelled almost 2000 miles from SLO, CA to Bend then to Hood River, Oregon then returned home through Portland and Santa Cruz on only biodiesel and vegetable oil.

Because there isn’t an adequate infrastructure for retail biodiesel or filtered WVO (waste vegetable oil), we carried an extra 15 gallons of WVO and 5 gallons of biodiesel to start. We picked up 4 4.7 gallon cubes of virgin veggie oil at Costco for around $3.75/gallon in Sacramento which got us through Bend and up to Portland. There we filled up the 20 gallon main tank and the 15 gallon VO tank plus 4 cubes with biodiesel at one of the multiple stations there. Dissapointingly, there was no b99 available all the way up Rt 5, only 2 locations in the Bay Area, and 2 locations in Santa Cruz. We’re planning an on-the-fly filtration system, possibly modeled after The Organic Mechanic’s Greasebeast or the RoadTote Filtration system from VegPower so we can stop at restaurants on the way rather than using virgin VO as well as to save more money.

I’ll be adding photos and more on the trip soon!





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30 08 2007
miss mia wallace

you’re amazing!

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